On The Boards - 100 W Roy St / Seattle 2008/01/25

ICEBREAKER IV: The American Future No Rules/All Ages

CRITIC’S CHOICE: Alex Ross and Kyle Gann curate a festival of emerging American music. Eight world premiers, two films, numerous lectures and presentations.

Featured Artists: Joshua Roman, cello; Ivan Sokolov, piano

Meet the Composers at OtB Studio Theater*:
10am – 1pm:     Mason Bates, William Brittelle, Anna Clyne and Alexandra Gardner

2pm – 4:15pm:     Max Giteck Duykers, Judd Greenstein and Nico Muhly

4:15pm – 4:45pm:     Alex Ross introduces his new book, The Rest is Noise:
Listening to the Twentieth Century
, for sale at the festival kiosk

Alex Ross Critic/Curator The New Yorker therestisnoise.com

The Merrill Wright Mainstage:

6pm – 7pm:     The End of New Music, film by Stephen Taylor introduced by the director**

7pm:     Pre-concert talk by Alex Ross**

8pm:     Concert (program below)

Post-Concert Inside-Out:
with Alex Ross, the composers and SCP

* free event
** admitance free with ticket to 8pm concert

(SCP-commissioned works)
Mason Bates    The Life of Birds
Anna Clyne    1987
Alexandra Gardner    The Way of Ideas
Judd Greenstein    At the end of a really great day
Nico Muhly    I Know Where Everything Is

William Brittelle    Michael Jackson
Max Giteck Duykers    Twilight for Adorned and
Breathless Moments

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